We are one of the only Franklin County CEREC dentists offering single-visit ceramic tooth restorations. Why go back to the dentist for a second visit if you don’t have to?

What is CEREC?

In 1985, Sirona Dental Systems changed the face of dentistry by creating CEREC dental restorations. This system has gone through several major updates and can now produce crown more accurately than traditional methods. CEREC is the most trusted system that offers single-visit chair side restoration. All-ceramic crowns are fabricated and placed in one easy dental appointment! CEREC is fast, safe, and provides a natural-looking restoration that will stand the test of time. We guarantee it! Now all Cerec crown will have a 10 year warranty (or for as long as you maintain regular checkups and cleanings)

CEREC does more than just crowns – this revolutionary system is also used for:

  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneers for chipped or discolored front teeth
  • New fillings
  • Replacing old amalgam fillings

The CEREC Process

First your dentist will examine your teeth to determine what type of restoration is best for you. After tooth preparation an optical impression of your teeth is taken using a special 3D camera. The image is transferred to the computer, where your restoration is fashioned using computer aided design (CAD). This technology takes every clinical detail of your case into consideration, creating the most precise restoration. Next, these exact specifications are sent to our in-office milling machine. In a mere 15 minutes, this state-of-the-art device fabricates your custom, color-matched restoration. Finally, your restoration is fitted, polished, and bonded in place. The entire process only takes 1-2 hours, depending on the extent of your dental work, and type of restoration.

Why Choose CEREC?

  • Completed in one visit which saves you time
  • Computer-assisted design makes for precise fitting
  • Metal-free- no black lines or bulky ceramic
  • Natural look and feel (same translucency as a natural tooth)
  • No need for a temporary crown
  • Immediate bonding allows limited tooth exposure and a healthier tooth
  • No impressions material that can hurt and make you gag
  • Reduced carbon footprint by eliminating disposable dental materials
  • Retain more of your own natural tooth structure with conservative preps


Are they for everyone?
If a tooth needs a crown, then most often the answer is YES. However, every treatment plan is individualized to meet each patient’s specific needs.

How long does it take?
99% are completed in one, 90 minute visit.

Would a white filling or silver filling work instead?
No. A crown is indicated when a large percentage of the original tooth has been lost to decay and/or fracture. Fillings are appropriate when a tooth has a small cavity.

How much do they cost?
There is no difference in cost compared to a traditional crown.

Why does a tooth need a crown in the first place?
Old silver fillings are prone to breakage; some may have small fractures in the enamel which puts them at greater risk. Often, when an old silver filling is removed, those small enamel fractures extend deeper into the tooth. Internal cracks if left uncovered, can result in breakage of large tooth chunks. If your tooth is crowned or “capped,” it is protected from breakage.

Does a CEREC® crown work on a root-canal tooth?
Yes. Root-canal teeth are very brittle. Without a crown to protect it, you are 50% more likely to suffer a disastrous tooth fracture which may require gum surgery to restore, or necessitate tooth removal altogether! A post and core for strength and retention can be incorporated into the CEREC® crown design for an all-in-one treatment of a root canal tooth.