We are taking every measure possible to keep our patients safe during these unprecedented times.   This may mean we have to move your appointment time, or reschedule your previously appointed time to accommodate the health needs of all our patients.  Please be patient as we adjust to these new norms.  We hope these changes will be temporary so we can get back to our normal routines.  We are currently making the following changes to our scheduling:

  • Early morning appointments will be reserved for high risk patients (those over 65 and with underlying conditions). Tuesdays will also be all hygiene days to accommodate these patients.  The doctor will not be treating patients during these times to ensure no aerosols will be present in the office.
  • We will be staggering appointment times to ensure social distancing, and to prevent multiple people in the waiting room or at check-out at the same time.
  • We will be staggering lunches to decrease the number of patient in the office at one time and to ensure staff are not congregating in common areas during the day.
  • All hygienists will stop the use of cavitrons, unless absolutely necessary, to prevent the creation of aerosols in the operatories.
  • All appointments will be extended 20 minutes to allow additional time for disinfection of the rooms and to allow any aerosols to be settle and be filtered prior to cleaning the rooms.
  • We are eliminating summer hours to help with the rescheduling of missed appointments. Some days may be extended as well.  We have added an additional day of hygiene to help with the rescheduling of dental cleanings.

If you feel you would like to delay your appointment due to Covid-19 concerns, or have any questions pertaining to new protocols and safety measures,  please contact us as soon as possible, at (413) 774-6553.